hands-on care

optimizing the body's natural healing mechanisms

Combining 'hands-on' manual treatment and key exercises to treat a range of muscular, joint and neural problems.

reduce pain
aid repair
Physiotherapy can treat many common injuries:
back pain
'tennis' elbow
'golfer’s' elbow
arm pain
hand/wrist injuries
groin strain
sciatic pain
hamstring tears
shin splints
knee pain
calf tears
sprained ankles
achilles tendon injury
sore feet
heel pain
breathing problems
lung conditions



We provide effective comprehensive physiotherapy of a high standard with friendly service to all members of the community.

Individual customised treatments and rehab is offered to suit the clients' realistic goals and expectations. Clients commonly seen at our practice vary from the physically active to the inactive of all ages, wanting to restore or advance their physical activity level or return to their activities of daily living.

Our dynamic team constitutes of well qualified and experienced physiotherapists - each a specialist in his/her own field.